Every year, at the end of August, a major event lights up the streets of the Harajuku district. In the heart of Tokyo, next to Omotesando, there is the “Super Yosakoi” festival. The Yosakoi is a group dance characterized by a traditional style, combined with music and modern rhythms. The Super Yosakoi is an exhibition featuring groups from all over Japan. The performances follow one another without breaks for two days, in rotation on various stages. I have been following this event since the 2009 edition, and it has always fascinated and excited me. The passion with which the dancers participate is great. Performances full of energy, with choreographies that perfectly mix a modern dynamism, together with a traditional atmosphere. The colors of the clothes move on stage like colorful waves and coordinated by an invisible direction. The music loads the dancers, draws the heart of the audience, and merges all participants in a rhythmic flow that also synchronizes the breaths.

Yosakoi (2010 – 2019)