Exposed in:

Circolo degli Artisti, Rome, 2014

Festival dell’Oriente, Rome, 2016

Published on:

Emotion Magazine, 2019

Tokyo can be defined in many ways: tentacular, chaotic, crowded… It can be lived in many ways: quickly, with fear or with hope. Tokyo gives us the opportunity to experience the city, exactly as we want. With this project, I wanted to find a different Tokyo, hidden to the mind but not to the eye. A city with a parallel existence, but that does not really exist. A virtual place that faces every corner of our lives. A reflected city. It’s reflected in walls and streets, in objects and windows, that opens the mind to a new vision of familiar places, now distorted, with new perspectives. Welcome to a new city, which is Tokyo but that, at the same time, it’s not. That is not real, or maybe it is.

OPEN: Reflected Tokyo


Exposed in:

Comicon, Naples, 2015

There is an event in Japan, that represent the goal for every cosplayer. It starts with a meticulous preparation and extreme care for details. Cosplayers take their places in the area dedicated to them and everything begin. Comiket is where interpretation breaks loose and cosplayers will be on stage in front of hundreds of photographic lenses. The Japanese cosplayers don’t limit themselves to resemble their characters, but they try very hard to represent them both in the spirit and in the personality. Shy students became determined and transgressive characters. Serious and quiet boys derail in excesses made of comedy and disengagement. Comiket is not a race for the best cosplay, but an arena where, for a few minutes, people gain the same reputation of their characters, and they use it in front of the most demanding public in the world. Cosplay@Comiket is a work born from the selection of the best portraits taken in five editions of Comiket that take place in Tokyo. Hundreds of cosplayers, surrounded by hundreds of photographers and spectators. A collection of fantastic portraits of those who are to consider actors, makeup artists and costume designers all at the same time. Comiket is for me a journey through the most dreamy soul of Japan.

OPEN: Cosplay@Comiket


Exposed in:

Japan Fest, Catania, 2014

Tokyo is a city that keeps in its past photographic masterpieces realized by great masters such as Daido Moriyama and Nobuyoshi Araki. Photographic evidences that shows all the visual power of the last years of theJapanese economic boom, made of transformations and decadent excesses. Those moments fixed on monochromatic film communicate a sense of dispersion that captures me and I think that they will always be the best representation of the soul of the city. Fascinated by this vision, I wanted to reinterpret the modern Tokyo with the same reading key and with the same tools to bring out, where there still is, that atmosphere.

OPEN: Tokyo Monochrome


Published on:

Erodoto 108, 2018

Giroinfoto Magazine, 2018

Emotions Magazine, 2018

The Trip Magazine, 2018

Every year, at the end of August, a major event lights up the streets of the Harajuku district. In the heart of Tokyo, next to Omotesando, there is the “Super Yosakoi” festival. The Yosakoi is a group dance characterized by a traditional style, combined with music and modern rhythms. The Super Yosakoi is an exhibition featuring groups from all over Japan. The performances follow one another without breaks for two days, in rotation on various stages. I have been following this event since the 2009 edition, and it has always fascinated and excited me. The passion with which the dancers participate is great. Performances full of energy, with choreographies that perfectly mix a modern dynamism, together with a traditional atmosphere. The colors of the clothes move on stage like colorful waves and coordinated by an invisible direction. The music loads the dancers, draws the heart of the audience, and merges all participants in a rhythmic flow that also synchronizes the breaths.


OPEN: Super Yosakoi


Exposed in :

Biblioteca Marconi, Rome, 2015

In the metropolitan area of Tokyo live 37 million people. It’s the world’s most populous area. Spaces are reduced, fractionated, rationalized. So it often happens that offices, homes or entertainment spaces become limited areas with closed borders, where every inch is carefully calculated. Work takes place in a small box, relaxation is confined in a small box, fun is closed in a small box. 37 million people accustomed to living in a box.

OPEN: In The Box


Exposed in:

Biblioteca Nardi, Rome, 2015

Rome is the oldest metropolis in the history of mankind. A 3000 year old lady who still preserves all its beauties and who shows herself to the world telling all her stories in visions of monumental magnificence. Rome is a difficult city, but it doesn’t hide anything. Every grace of her is naked in front of the photographic lenses. Each of his monuments is there for everyone to remember the glories and glories of his long life. Rome is confounded with its greed for attention and ecstasies with its beauty. This is what this city is for me. Rome is a lover, who demands passion but bestows splendour. This work is my tribute to the immortality of this city.



Published on:

Autofocus 2018

Forget from the looks there are webs who bridle the city of Rome. Dark wires suspended above us draw shapes and fractionate the sky. They appear only when you raise up the eye and you realize to be inside a spider’s web. Precious geometry that eschew our attention. Discover these modern webs is the way to identify the barriers of the city, so to not remain entangled in them. The city itself is the great arachnid that traps us in its streets.

OPEN: Spiderwebs


Published on:

Autofocus 2018

Born from an ancient Greek tradition, the “mask” has always had the function to exorcise the buildings, until it becomes a decorative element. Heads of monsters and Gorgons exposed to symbolize the intervention of an hero who had cut them off and show them. Suffering faces, animal-like monsters that look at us from above as we walk along the road. An ancient gallery of monsters hiding cleverly between the details of Rome palaces. Monsters is the search for these elaborated architectural elements, that reveal an esoteric and superstitious face.

OPEN: Monsters