Born in Rome in 1978, and graduated in computer engineering, I studied photography with Roberto Nistri in 2011. In 2012 I founded the Photographic Association “La Compagnia della Foto”, of which I am currently the president. For the association I have held, until now, more than 50 workshops and courses. Author of various photographic blogs (PicuRome, MyTokyoBlog, Biblioteca Fotografica, Project Instax) I have about 1500 posts published. Since 2015 I have been driving photographic trips to Japan for the “Giappone FotoTour”. Collaborator in 2016 with the newspaper “L’Intellettuale Dissidente”, where I published several articles on photography and image culture. Curator since 2017, the magazine “Autofocus” and “Edizioni Autofocus”, both editorial realities of the association I chair.

My works are born in urban contexts, and they develop in the two most significant cities for me: Rome, the oldest metropolis in the world, and Tokyo, the largest and most populated urban area on the planet. I currently live in Rome, and I have been to Tokyo 18 times. In these years I have deepened some sides of these two cities, completing some photographic works that would tell them and that would bring out interesting and hidden visions from the everyday metropolitan life.

I have exhibited in Rome, Naples and Catania. At: Circolo degli Artisti, Biblioteca Nardi, Biblioteca Marconi, Festival dell’Oriente, Comicon, Japan Fest, Kokeshi Rebel Fest, Museo Vigamus. My works have been published on: L’Intellettuale Dissidente, Giroinfoto Magazine, Erodoto 108, Emotions Magazine, The Trip Magazine, and Autofocus.

Publications / Exhibitions / Collaborations