In 2012 he founded the association La Compagnia della Foto, together with other photographers. The association is active on the Roman and national territory, with the preparation of exhibitions, organization of workshops and even photographic trips. In these years of activity, the association can boast to its credit 70 workshops, 600 participants in the activities, 10 courses of photography, an online photo magazine, and 7000 social followers. I currently hold the position of president of the association, accompanist for Japan FotoTour and editor of the photo magazine of the association.

Edizioni Autofocus is the editorial section of the association. Created in 2017, it is responsible for the publication of photo books, and online distribution and printing of the magazine of the same name Autofocus. For Edizioni Autofocus I am the editor of the publications and the web interface.

My Tokyo Blog is a photo blog dedicated to this beautiful city. I have visited Japan 18 times, and Tokyo has always been a great inspiration for my photographic work. In this blog I tell the story of the city through visually significant photographs, and important in the experience gained over the years. My Tokyo Blog was born in 2014, and ends its activities in 2018, with the publication of more than 600 photographs.

Biblioteca Fotografica was a collection of in-depth studies, including photo books, exhibitions and documentaries. The experience for a photographer is always marked by the work in the field and the growth of his photographic culture. Studying the great masters and their work is pleasant, instructive and very inspiring. In this blog, born in 2014 and finished in 2019, I published over 100 articles, telling the story of this path of growth.

The inspiration comes from a series of experiences, such as exhibitions, trips, etc. … One of the best inspirations comes from reading. The books contain an enormous visual potential that detonates only with imagination, the main ingredient for the creation of ideas and projects. “The Mountains of Madness” retraces my library of hundreds of volumes.

PictuRome is a photographic blog about the city of Rome. A collection of shots of street photography and more, in which the eternal city shows its side full of charm and magic. The blog was born in 2013, and ends its experience in 2017, after 4 years of activity and 700 published photographs. This blog has been of immense inspiration in discovering new visions of Rome, which have opened wide the doors to various photographic works born from this experience.

Instant photography has always been for me a synonym for fun and extreme creativity. I own 6 instant cameras and created small experiments, which I then published in Project Instax. No rules and no style to follow, but only imagination and experimentation. A work concluded, with the publication of 100 series of snapshots, between 2014 and 2017.

L’Intellettuale Dissidente is a newspaper present with an online newspaper and its own publishing house. Throughout 2016 I collaborated with L’Intellettuale Dissidente, publishing articles focused on modern visual culture, linked to the language of photography. An interpretation of current events, through an attentive eye to visual stimuli, of which we are flooded and unaware.